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Not a subject we like to talk about:- but have you ever thought about what would happen to your 4-legged friends if something unexpected was to happen to you whilst you are out and about? (and this doesn't just apply to single 4-paws-owners!)

Just how long would it be before your friends or relatives thought about your pets at home?

We've solved the problem, and to be honest:- this little key-ring is simply something EVERY responsible pet-owner should have with them at all times.

Choose up to two emergency-contact numbers for the reverse and be safe in the knowledge that your pets will be cared for should you not be able to.

Due to the nature of the product:- we are offering FREE postage, as we feel it is REALLY important that pet-owners have made provisions in an emergency situation.

We hand-burn the details, no laser-tools are used.

These key-ring tabs are 1.96" (5cm)  in length, 1.37" (3.5cm) in width and are fully varnished back and front.  All are supplied with a split-ring key-ring with a sturdy lobster clasp in sealed packaging.

Please be aware dispatch time is a tad longer than usual:- as obviously the reverse has to be personalised for you and we give each side 3 coats of weather-proof varnish,  which does take time to dry!

Occasional dark markings may occur, which is just the natural composition of the wood. 

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The cover piccie by the way is our very own Charlie-Harry, Head of Patterdale Terriers: who is celebrating his 13th birthday on December 1st 2020!

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