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We only have a few of these left in stock, the remainder shown as sold can be made to order, just email us.

We've had to keep this a BIG secret, but Upton Crafts are very good friends with Father Christmas.  He's been in touch and asked us to help him out this year.

When Father Christmas and his elves weren't allowed to go to work in 2020 and 2021, some of the snowmen and snowladies got very bored and decided to do a bit of travelling...  but all twelve of them have ended up here with us!

We can't possibly look after all twelve, so Father Christmas has asked us if we can find them some lovely homes to go to.

Can YOU help?

He has asked if you could colour his snowpeople in and hang them on your tree this year, so when he brings your presents on Christmas Eve, he can see they are all happy and being looked after.

If you email us a picture of your lovely finished artwork, with your name and age - we can put it on our website for everyone to see.

All of our snowpeople colour-me decorations are supplied in sealed packaging, ready to hang with gold elastic cord and will include our above special message from Father Christmas. We can add personalised details to the reverse, so you can keep track of your wonderful artwork for years to come by name and date.

Occasional dark markings may occur, which is just the natural composition of the wood. 

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