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Know anyone who's as "mad as a box of frogs?"
Then this section is just for you!

Our little treasure box is 3.15" (8cm) in length, 1.77" (4.5cm) high and 2" (5.08cm) in depth.

We etch the lid with a name of your choice, the front shows the famous expression "Mad As A Box Of Frogs" and there are two very hungry little frogs at each end. 

To make our box of frogs complete: inside you'll find a special treat of two little "Freddo Frog" chocolate bars.

ALL of our treasure boxes are hand-crafted: no printing or pre-made stamps are used: everything you see is drawn and burnt onto the wood by hand....  so each and every one is totally unique.

All are supplied in sealed packaging and are fully varnished.

 Please be aware, the design will vary from box to box, as the wood grain differs. Occasional dark markings may occur, which is just the natural composition of the wood. 


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