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Family mobiles that make a fabulous gift.

We can add up to five names for individual placing on the mobile (any "blank" spaces are filled with stars, so there are no odd "gaps"), or we can double-place to allow for a larger display.  The moon can be engraved with the family surname, or with our "My Family" slogan.  You can add our special iridescent sparkle, or you can leave as plain wood.

BOTH sides are engraved, so there are no blanks when the breeze twirls your mobile.

ALL of our mobiles are hand-crafted: no printing or pre-made stamps are used: everything you see is drawn and burnt onto the wood by hand....  so they aren't "flawless" but each and every one is totally unique, as is made for you totally by hand.

For indoor use only.

All mobiles are supplied (ready to hang) in sealed packaging.

Occasional dark markings may occur, which is just the natural composition of the wood. 

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