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Looking for that totally unique gift?  Look no further!  We have personally designed all of these hangers, so they just cannot be purchased from anyone other than Upton Crafts!

ALL of our door-hangers are hand-crafted: no printing or pre-made stamps are used: everything you see is drawn and burnt onto the wood by hand....  so they aren't "flawless" but each and every one is totally unique, as is made for you totally by hand.

Each hanger is 9" (23cm) in length and 3" (8cm) in width, with a door-handle aperture of 2.6" (7cm) by 2.4" (6cm) - which will fit most doors. 

All are engraved on both sides, with different messages and are varnished.

All door-hangers are supplied in sealed packaging.

Occasional dark markings may occur, which is just the natural composition of the wood. 

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