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TEA-LIGHT BURNERS:  Usually give a stronger scent "throw" than an electric burner, simply as they get hotter!

  • It is essential that an appropriate size tealight is used for naked-flame burners. A small tealight in a large burner may not sufficiently melt the wax, however a larger tealight in a small burner can mean that the naked flame is too close to the bottom of the bowl/dish, and this must be avoided, as it could potentially cause the bowl or dish to overheat and crack. 
  • Ensure that the wick on the tealight is kept trimmed and that the flame does not come into direct contact with the bottom of the bowl or dish.


ELECTRIC BURNERS: Usually give a more subtle scent "throw" as the temperature is regulated and obviously there is no naked-flame risk.

  • However, these are still electrical devices, and so—as with anything that you have to plug in—it is not totally without risk. The same precautions must be taken as with any other wired gadget.  Never operate any electrical device without understanding the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Any machine that contains a heating element may overheat, so never leave a candle warmer unattended whilst turned on.
  • Exercise caution with the power cable; be sure to keep it where it won't be accidentally tugged on or tripped over. Discontinue use immediately if the cable is damaged.

Please take a read of our safety guidelines.

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