Our Fragrances

We're constantly adding to our fragrance list to try & cater for everyone's tastes, so if you don't see your favourites below - or you have some scent-suggestions, just get in touch

wax melts

AFTER-8S: Similar to the classic dinner mint: A mix of hot chocolate & mint

APPLE BUTTER: Apple with rich butter-cream & cinnamon

APRICOT:  A strong apricot fragrance, with warm musk & ambery undertone

BABY POWDER: Love that "baby-smell?" .... White cedar, cypress, blue violets, freesia & ylang will recreate it for you!

BANANA: A creamy banana accord with rich, smooth vanilla undertones

BANANA CREAM: Delicious mix of bananas with fresh cream 

BERRY DAZZLE: An uplifting combination of cranberry juice, bayberry, fir needles, clove & vanilla

BLACKBERRY PLUM: Fresh blackberries with an undertone of juicy plum

BLUEBELL: Bluebells & hyacinth, enhanced notes of galbanum, rose & jasmin

BLUEBELL PINE: Delightful mix of bluebells & fresh pine

BLUEBERRY VANILLA: Juicy, fresh blueberries with vanilla

BUTTERSCOTCH: Deliciously creamy butterscotch

CAMOMILE: Fresh camomile with a hint of herbs 

CAPPUCCINO: Rich & strong fresh brewed coffee with a hint of cream

CARAMEL CHESTNUT: Roasted chestnuts with caramel & cinnamon

CARAMEL CREME BRULEE: Vanilla custard with caramalized sugar

CARAMEL FUDGE: Delicious creamy fudge with a hint of caramel

CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE: Delicious cinnamon coffee cake

CLASSIC ROSE: Red rose, geranium with hints of musk & citrus

CEDARWOOD: Delightfully earthy tone with a strong cedarwood base

CHERRY: Strong blend of cherries with an ameretto undertone

CHOCOLATE CAKE: Warm devils food chocolate cake: "death by chocolate!"

CHOCOLATE FUDGE: Rich, creamy chocolate fudge with a hint of vanilla

CHRISTMAS EVE: This seasonal favourite is craved by many during the holidays; balsam fir with hints of sugarplums

CHRISTMAS DREAMS: Aromas of cinnamon, chocolate, peppermint & tangerine

CHRISTMAS RUMBALL: Sensuous blend of citrus, cognac, fruits & vanilla

CHRISTMAS SPLENDOUR: Holiday cinnamon & spices

CHRISTMAS TREE: Fragrant, fresh cut pine

CINNAMON APPLE: Fruit apples with a cinnamon twist

CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE: Delicious cinnamon coffee cake

CLASSIC ROSE: Red rose, geranium with hints of musk & citrus

COCOA BUTTER: Rich, buttery cocoa butter

COCONUT LIME: A rich creamy coconut fragrance enlivened by fresh lime & verbena

COCONUT ORANGE:  Coconut with fresh, juicy oranges

COTTON FRESH: Fresh, crisp linen with a hint of blossom

CRANBERRY PEACH CIDER: Sparkling apple cider with a splash of fresh cranberries & peach

CUCUMBER ALOE: Fresh, cooling scent of classic aloe with a hint of cucumber

FREESIA: A floral blend of summery freesias

FRUITY FIVE: Smooth blend of peach, melon, coconut, strawberry & vanilla

GINGERBREAD: Traditional mix of ginger, cinnamon, allspice & cloves

GRAPEFRUIT TWIST: Tropical grapefruit with a hint of coconut & banana

HOLLIDAZZLE: An uplifting combination of cranberry juice, bayberry, fir needles, clove & vanilla

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Balsam fir, cinnamon & a bayberry spice accord in a warm, sweet, woody base

HONEY: A rich honey fragrance rounded by beeswax & floral notes

HONEYSUCKLE: Sweet honeysuckle, with hints of honey & ripe citrus fruits

INSPIRED BY CREED: Similar to the aftershave: top notes of bergamot, lemon, cassis, incense, pink pepper & juniper, leading to heart notes of jasmine, rock rose & velvet woods, resting on a base of ambergris, musk, moss & patchouli

INSPIRED BY FAHRENHEIT: Similar to the popular gent's fragrance: Orange, hawthorn, nutmeg, cedar, bergamot, camomile, lemon,nutmeg, honeysuckle, sandalwood, leather & vetiver

INSPIRED BY J'ADORE: Similar to the well-known perfume: A modern, sophisticated floral fragrance with top notes of champaka flower, mandarin and ivy, leading onto a heart of jasmine, rose, violet and exotic orchid, resting on a base of wild plum and blackberry musk.

INSPIRED BY MADEMOISELLE: Similar to the popular perfume: mandarin are followed by rich, spicy floral notes of muguet, jasmine, rose & gardenia, resting on a warm, sensual accord of patchouli, vetiver, tonka, sandal & vanilla

INSPIRED BY MILLION: Similar to the popular gent's fragrance: A woody, spicy fragrance opening with grapefruit, blood orange, mandarin, lemon, lime, bergamot and mint, combined with spicy nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and clove with green leaf, galbanum, green violet and fruity hints of apple, cassis and plum on a heart of lily, rose, gardenia, freesia, jasmine, violet and orange blossom with base notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, tonka, sweet vanilla and musks

INSPIRED BY ONLY THE BRAVEST: Similar to the popular gent's fragrance: An oriental woody fragrance opening with citrus notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, lime and mandarin, combined with lavender, fennel, galbanum, green leaf, green violet, apple, melon and cassis, leading to a floral heart of jasmine, freesia, rose, violet and lily with fresh marine hints on a rich woody base of sandalwood, cedarwood, vetivert, patchouli, amber, labdanum, styrax, tonka, vanilla, moss and musks.

INSPIRED BY TOUCH OF PINK: Similar to the perfume: Top notes of coriander leaves, blood oranges & cardamon, middle notes of jasmine, violet leaves & base notes of sandalwood, vanilla & musk

INSPIRED BY ZOFLORA BLUEBELL WOOD: Similar to the popular well-known cleaning product: Bluebells & hyacinth enhanced with notes of galbanum, rose & jasmin

INSPIRED BY ZOFLORA COUNTRY GARDEN: Similar to the popular well-known cleaning product: Hyacinth, vilet leaf, English rhubarb combine with cottage rose & musk accents

JASMIN: Rich, floral, sultry, classic jasmin

JOYEAUX NOEL: Blend of vanilla beans, cinnamon, coconut & cassia

JUST LEMON: Strong, zesty freshly cut lemons, with a subtle hint of terpanic & lemon peel

LEMON MERINGUE: Delightfully tangy lemon with vanilla undertone 

LEMON ZING: Zesty freshly cut lemon with a hint of terpenic

LILAC ALOE: Classic aloe with a touch of lilac

LILY: Sweet lilies

MAGNOLIA: Sweet magnolia blossom with citrus undertones

MAPLE CINNAMON: Warm maple with a hint of fresh cinnamon

MULLED CIDER: Clove-studded apples, spices & citrus mulled cider

NUTTY NANAS: Bananas, brown sugar, churned butter, sugar cane, ground cinnamon, clove bud, chopped walnuts,vanilla extract & whipped cream (all in the one pot!)

ORANGE COCONUT: Tangy oranges with a hint of coconut

ORANGE SQUASH: Orange, grapefruit, lemon & mandarin, supported by light floral notes

ORANGE VANILLA: Fresh,juicy oranges with vanilla

ORANGE ZING: Tangy oranges with a citric undertone

PEACH: Sweet, fruity peach with hints of coconut, orange & vanilla

PEAR BERRIES: Crisp pear with fresh berries

PEAR DROPS: Classic pear drop sweets

PEAR & VANILLA: Fresh pears with a vanilla undertone

PINE: Fresh, natural evergreen coniferous pine with calone, clove leaf & thyme undertones

PINEAPPLE TWIST: A seriously fruity tropical pineapple, with peach & citrus undertones

RASPBERRY LIME: Tangy raspberries with lime zest 

RED APPLE: Delicious red apple with a hint of peach, caramel & vanilla

RED ROSE: Fragrant red rose, with a hint of bergamot, must & sandalwood

SEA BREEZE: Fresh, cooling scent that will make you think you're right by the sea

SLEIGH RIDE: A warm, woodsy bouquet mixed with pine needle, bayleaf & cinnamon

SLOE-GIN: Juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica, oris & licourice roots, with a warm sloe-berry undertone

SOFT COTTON: Violet & fresh linen with a musk undertone

SPRING BOUQUET: Delightful mix of spring flowers

STRAWBERRY VANILLA: Fresh strawberries with a hint of vanilla

SUGAR SWEET: Blend of childhood memories full of candy floss, marshmallows & vanilla

SUGARED CRANBERRIES: Tangy cranberries with sweet aftertones

UNSTOPPABLE-INSPIRED BLISS: Red berries & cherry with elegant jasmin & a hint of peachy sweetness

UNSTOPPABLE-INSPIRED BLUE FRESH: Sparkling citrus & juicy fruits scents wrapped into a transparent floral notes

UNSTOPPABLE-INSPIRED DREAMS: Bursting with jasmin & gourmand vanilla

VANILLA CARAMEL: Rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of caramel 

VANILLA ORANGE: vanilla with fresh, juicy oranges

WATERMELON: Fresh watermelon with a hint of kiwi

WHISKY: A warm alcoholic accord with notes of whisky & nuances of smooth velvety caramel

WHITE CHRISTMAS: Hollyberry, cranberry, firewood, sugared plims, cedarwood & spiced vanilla

ZOFLORA-INSPIRED BLUEBELL WOOD: Bluebells & hyacinth enhanced with notes of galbanum, rose & jasmin

ZOFLORA-INSPIRED COUNTRY GARDEN: Hyacinth, violet leaf & English rhubarb combine with cottage rose & musk accents

ZOFLORA-INSPIRED LINEN FRESH: Fres, clean freesia, lily, jasmin & orchid rounded by iris, mimosa, sandalwood & a hint of amber

ZOFLORA-INSPIRED SPRING-TIME: Fresh herbal fragrance with lemon, basil, thyme, pine needles, rose, lily & musk

ZOFLORA-INSPIRED SUMMER BOUQUET: Fruity hints of apple & peach combine with rose, jasmin, violet & a hint of musk