Coming in 2021.....

Watch out for our NEW PRODUCTS for 2021:
We have some very special extra-creamy foaming bath or shower cream coming to the www in the New Year, which is just fabulous for shaving!

Coming In 2021......

Watch out for our NEW PRODUCTS for 2021:
We have a huge range of hand-drawn wood projects coming to the www in the New Year, including great wardrobe organisers, door-hangers and household signage.


Here at Upton Crafts, we try our hand at anything and everything handmade to provide a "one-stop-gift-shop". 

Everything we produce is of a high standard, and only ever using new materials.

We believe that nothing is as unique, personal or as well received as something that has been lovingly handmade.

Why are we different?

We believe in being honest traders, we never use general or "generic" photos for any of our products: what you see on the site, is what you are buying and what you will receive. 

Each product is individually photographed as it is added to our stock.

You Matter!

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and your satisfaction with our products.

Quite simply, we want you to love our items and come back to buy from us again! 


We're almost constantly working on new projects, so if you can't see anything that "tickles your fancy" right now...  pay us another visit and see what new products we have on offer.


We believe in value for money and we do our very best to keep pricing affordable.

Do bear in mind that everything you see on the site is totally unique and has been handmade: the work that goes into each product has to be reflected in the price.


All of our processes follow covid-guidelines, with each utensil or tool used being sanitised in-between each use.

All of our products are supplied in sealed packaging.

At times our dispatch times may be delayed depending on the current governmental regulations or restrictions in place at any one time.

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